Friday, October 31, 2008

20 years of Kate Moss

"She sort of never gets it wrong. Even though sometimes you wouldn't want to wear what she's wearing, she just always looks great. I don't think we'll ever get bored of watching her." Angela Buttolph

Kate Moss has been in the industry officially 2o years this week and it can be said she is the most popular model to grace the industry to this day. With her looks ever so fresh, she has the dynamics and pazazzz to shock, amaze and glide through every problem, relationship and newspaper headline without so much as a cheeky smirk. She is of course, Kate - Royalty in the fashion world. Nothing can deter her nor ruin her in any shape or form.

From fresh faced teenage Kate, who leaped into her career with the Calvin Klein advert, to the almighty model who , if you look at any Vogue , can be in as many as 7 adverts for various designer s in one issue! Her own designer line at Topshop has caused so much attention, that people cued hoursssssssss just to see her new collection unveiled at Oxford streets Flagship Topshop store! Good thing Warsaw has now opened Topshop (heres hoping they have atleast some pieces of Kate Moss' line available! ) all heil KATE!!

call it a fan? i call it my bag ;)

I bought this little beauty on holiday in Malaga. It was a bargain at 15 euros and I love it. Compact and original, it goes with every outfit, whether dressed up or down. Bargain!


From :

to :

With summer officially over, I decided to shed a few layers in the hair department. So from being all hippie for the summer months I decided a definate change was needed. So to present my transformation, I call this story " BYE BYE HIPPY"

Rachel Bilson

She shot to fame through the legendary series OC and has gained, not only star status but also, style status ;) Presenting one of my favourite muses', Rachel Bilson.

Nylon March '08

with the oh-so popular "boy" jeans. 7 for all mankind Ginger jeans

Park Vogel scarf

Riller and Fount dress, Alexander McQueen Scarf

Animal accent

Vogue Paris Aug '08

Grazia Sept '08

Nylon Japan '06

Another Magazine issue 14 s/s 08

me ;)

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... animal print is still going strong. Here is a bag I picked up at a charity shop years ago!! Its ancient, faux pony skin and is just the right size to include my mobile phone, purse and keys ... success!! I prefer an accent of print rather than a whole ensemble although I have a zebra print tunic dress which I sometimes like to wear out, with opaque tights and a few simple black accessories.

Stylio is a style portal/blogg for people with their own style to join up and discuss, advise and observe other peoples style. On this portal you are able to show your own photos of yourself, you accessories and lifestyle pictures along with the ability to criticise, praise and even rate other peoples photos. It also offers the chance to become other peoples stylists with questions often posted on the portal which you can answer with advise and tips. I joined up and was branded star of the day (each week one person is halted to this prime spot as recognition for their own personal style and taste). Above is my name Siasia along with "Prosto z Londynu na polskie włości" (straight from London to Polish planes) Atleast a star for a week ;)

Crotch Extension

photos from: City (Sept 2008), A Magazine created by Kris Van Assche issue 7, Random a/w 08-09

I am loving the new trend now for masculine tailored trousers with the crotch so far low that it could even be mistaken for a 'roo in the crotch. The style has joined the trend for masculine blazers, or even recently, the desire to wear your boyfriends jeans , just like katie holmes did recently in L.A. Me like , me like!! Exaggerated length, added material or more tailored scructures, the dynamics of theses trousers can be in any style of choice ;)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

yum tricks ;)

With the festivities of Halloween in less than 24 hours, I have decided to be brave and bake some goodies for halloween. Ive been searching through the net deciphering what takes my fancy and low and behold I came across these little treats. How yum do they look? ofcourse, there is no recipe attached but hey, I may just print the picture out and place the a4 sheet onto a plate...yum yum

helllooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

It's that time of year again ,when pumpkins and witches are everywhere and shops are emblazoned with Happy Halloween banners, fancy dress outfits and everything else possible. It seems Mac Cosmetics have joined the bandwagon and come up with its own festive face charts to coincide with the 31st Octobers' festivities. Drum roll please....Introducing Mac Fantasticals!!

28 international MAC make-up artists have created festive face charts to celebrate Halloween. The collection of looks, called Fantasticals, have been posted on Facebook allowing the online community of customers, fans and friends to leave comments on the designs and share tips on festive beauty ideas.

There are also links to How-To guides on the MAC corporate website and the MAC YouTube channel, which hosts a video of MAC Artists creating five of the looks. I shall definately try to recreate the look... and i use the word "try" with great caution!! MWAAAHHHAHAHAHAH


so, its the end of October and I still dont have a winter coat!! what to do and what to buy?! I need a coat which will include all the needed elements: warmth, great colour,great texture and great price... hmmmm. So Ive been scouting for the perfect winter coat for a/w 08-09 and here are a few suggestions from Burberry Prorsum, Erdem, Narciso Rodriguez ,Jaeger London to name but a few. eenie meeney miny mo..... mmmmmmm.
I reckon with the key looks here presented by designers for a/w 08-09 , I should hopefully be able to pick something up , which as is at the upmost importance not to exceed my real bank overdraft limit ;)

first phase

So Ive decided to collate all my views and opinions, photos and finds on the wonderful creation that has engulfed the fashion world..bloggs. I've found many which I have totally fallen in love with and so Ive decided that its time to unplug my poor comp of storage means and develop a blogg of my very own.. no more hand me downs in terms of other peoples bloggs but a joint effort to provide news and views of things that are presently in movement.