Monday, December 22, 2008


i pre-fur kate


hair today

rocking the look.. hide
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soko- edouard plungeon

i love this photo shoot. the fact its black and white is one obvious bonus, but also the use of audatios head wear.. love love love it ;)feathers, headbands and bowler hats.. i reckon im getting cravings for them :)

electric guitars and models

photoshoot combined with a guitar sesion. it was hillarious! my friend and I rocked out to like proper pros , and even made decent noises.... not... im just going to stick to my day job ;)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Royal Viv

Photo: Juergen Teller


photo. Juergen Teller


long and bold

necklace Vero Moda
long and bold necklace that reaches , practically, to you knees! love it! im appreciating the length as it elongates certain aspects of your body and acts like stripes to navigate the wandering eye :)

Christmas dooooooooo

Christmas party at the office, and what a party it was. I blinged with all my sequins, hailing from my vintage sequined brownstone boutique jacket..phew..that was a mouthful. Lots of shinyness not only coming from my attire but also from the christmas tree we decorated. Check out the decorations..not the usual ball balls ...

looking back

strike those prints and pose

papa christmas

Friday, December 12, 2008