Friday, September 4, 2009

summer weather

Atleast one day was hot this wkd. I spent Saturday bathing at my Mums place in the country side just outside of Poznań. Bliss... the frog is a new resident. He lives amongst the fish in the pond and he loved to croak.aaaaalll day.. in touch with nature :)

dress up

yesterday I met up with a friend of mine who is a hairdresser here in Poznań. We hadn't seen i each other in ages, and he's joining me on the next Solar photoshoot in 2 weeks. Had no time to decide on outfits as I had exactly 15 minutes to get ready, showered and leave! This is the result.. sorry for the lighting.. due to lack of real daylight and bad camera knowledge :/
Outfit: sandals- Peacocks, bag- Primark, leggings- Pimark, jean jacket -Primark, tunic-H&M, scarf- second hand.

clip ons

Found these fabulous clip on pearl earrings from a store called Soraya, here in Poznań. I paid 20 zł for them, bargain! As for the look, totally chic. Very chanel-esque, with a vintage quirk to them. You could dress up your outfit just by wearing them, however, today I am wearing them at work and already I am feeling the weight of them on my earlobes.. however they look amazing so Im suffering for the sake of fashion.kill joy not. The great feeling also is that every time I have to make a phone call, I am forced to take one off due to obvious technical reasons.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kate Moss Collection A/W 09-10

Kate Moss' A/W 09-10 collection is hits Topshop tomorrow!! By the look of the shoot, I reckon a trip to Topshop is worth doing. The clothes look gorgeous, especially the metallic bustiere dress. I ♥ Kate Moss!


this is what greeted me this afternoon. delicious sandwiches with brie and salmon filling. mmm, yum.


the sheer necessities hanging from my coat rack: jean jacket (Primark), leather jacket (vintage), quilt heart bag (primark) and the most essential of them all.. a feather eye mask for those days when not even concealer will help with those circles under those eyes...;)