Thursday, October 30, 2008

helllooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

It's that time of year again ,when pumpkins and witches are everywhere and shops are emblazoned with Happy Halloween banners, fancy dress outfits and everything else possible. It seems Mac Cosmetics have joined the bandwagon and come up with its own festive face charts to coincide with the 31st Octobers' festivities. Drum roll please....Introducing Mac Fantasticals!!

28 international MAC make-up artists have created festive face charts to celebrate Halloween. The collection of looks, called Fantasticals, have been posted on Facebook allowing the online community of customers, fans and friends to leave comments on the designs and share tips on festive beauty ideas.

There are also links to How-To guides on the MAC corporate website and the MAC YouTube channel, which hosts a video of MAC Artists creating five of the looks. I shall definately try to recreate the look... and i use the word "try" with great caution!! MWAAAHHHAHAHAHAH

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