Friday, October 31, 2008

20 years of Kate Moss

"She sort of never gets it wrong. Even though sometimes you wouldn't want to wear what she's wearing, she just always looks great. I don't think we'll ever get bored of watching her." Angela Buttolph

Kate Moss has been in the industry officially 2o years this week and it can be said she is the most popular model to grace the industry to this day. With her looks ever so fresh, she has the dynamics and pazazzz to shock, amaze and glide through every problem, relationship and newspaper headline without so much as a cheeky smirk. She is of course, Kate - Royalty in the fashion world. Nothing can deter her nor ruin her in any shape or form.

From fresh faced teenage Kate, who leaped into her career with the Calvin Klein advert, to the almighty model who , if you look at any Vogue , can be in as many as 7 adverts for various designer s in one issue! Her own designer line at Topshop has caused so much attention, that people cued hoursssssssss just to see her new collection unveiled at Oxford streets Flagship Topshop store! Good thing Warsaw has now opened Topshop (heres hoping they have atleast some pieces of Kate Moss' line available! ) all heil KATE!!

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